Get Over Your Selfie Loathing...

See Yourself Through A Different Lens

We’re all unordinary humans-
own your awkward.

You’re here for 1 of 2 reasons…

You either have a vision you want to bring to life…

Or you’re adventurous and want to give in to the creative process that results in shockingly stunning images.

Either way, I got you covered. When vision meets innovation, the result is transformative.

Hey! I’m Candace…

I’m a self-proclaimed
awkwardness master,
fun-loving entertainer,
and sucker for all things furry.

I offer unique experiences to people who want lifestyle photography sessions different from others, resulting in stunning images. Trusting in the creative process gives you distinctive results that'll last forever.

If you feel vulnerable and nervous in front of the camera, working with me will put you at ease. You’ll even enjoy our session. I promise to make it light and fun.

Richmond area photographer- also serving surrounding areas in Virginia.

Lifestyle Portraits

Pet Portraits

Engagements & Weddings

Organization & Brand Photography

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